Tips to make money as a YouTuber

Ever heard of PewDiePie, KC or Mark Wiens? These guys are making hundreds of thousands of dollars as YouTubers. 

And they are doing it every year posting videos of their experiences. 

The key word in the sentence above is experiences. You cannot make it really big as a YouTuber if all you do is talk about mundane stuff. 

You need to talk about your experiences. Your fun experiences to be specific. 

Below I will share with you how exactly to become a successful YouTuber from scratch. 

  1. Select a niche

If you talk about every experience you have ever hard on YouTube you are unlikely to get many subscribers/ followers. 

This is because the fact that you are talking about everything will make many people to automatically assume that you are an expert at nothing. 

So the best thing to do is to find out what you really love doing and then to do it in front of a camera. So if you love traveling, your channel should only include posts on traveling.

If you love soccer, your channel should also only include posts on soccer. 

Selecting a niche and focusing on it will make you appear like an expert and will attract many subscribers to your channel. 

  • Sign up for a YouTube channel 

It is necessary to start your own channel on YouTube so that you can share original posts on there. 

This, I believe, is the easiest part of this guide. 

  • Get the right resources and/ or hire the right people

If you want your videos to stand out, you need to make them high quality. 

To make them high-quality, you need to buy a good quality camcorder. You also need to buy a good quality video editing software. 

Instead of buying a camera and access to an editing software, you can hire someone to shoot your videos and pay someone else to edit them for you. 

You can find good video editors on and similar websites. The kind of editors who can add nice music to your videos and make them look like really professional productions.

  • Make tons of quality, viral, and niche-specific videos

A YouTube channel is not a channel if it only has a handful of mundane videos.

So you need to create tons of high-quality and viral videos. There are many ways to make your videos viral including focusing on exciting topics in your niche, captioning your video the right way, and sharing your video with online influencers. 

If you trying making as many viral videos as possible on your niche, the moment one hits, your other videos will also get decent viewership. 

  • Register for the YouTube Partner Program

To be accepted as a YouTube partner you will need to meet a few requirements. You will need to have at least a thousand subscribers. 

It is for this reason that you should never shy away from asking people to subscribe to your channel. 

There are several other requirements that you will also need to meet. But they are simple and easy to meet.

Anyhow, the moment you are accepted as a partner, you will start getting at least a dollar for every a thousand views. This is your cut of the money YouTube is paid by advertisers to place adverts before and in-between videos. 

This means that if any of your videos goes viral, YouTube (a Google/ Alphabet Inc. company) will soon be sending you a very fat check. 

And the good news is that your videos can continue earning you money passively for a very long time as long as a significant number of people continue to view them.

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