Tips to become a successful eBook writer

Some of my friends make a lot of money passively by writing eBooks. The highest earner among them sometimes gets about $3,000 per month from Amazon Kindle publishing. 

He has over 12 books on the site. 

You too can make good money by writing and selling eBooks even if you do not know how to write. 

Below is what exactly you need to do to make money online as an eBook writer. 

  1. Write an eBook or hire someone to do it for you 

This is a pretty obvious step. To become a successful eBook writer, you need to write an eBook. 

If you are not a good writer, you’ve got two options. First, to learn how to become a good eBook writer by enrolling for an online course. Second, to hire a good writer to write an eBook for you. 

Many people find the first option to be time-consuming. This is why the second one is usually the most preferred.

To find a good eBook writer, you should go on Upwork. There are a couple of good ones on there who charge very little per a thousand words. Post your job on the site and then vet the applicants to find the best one.

  • Find a good topic to write about and send it to them

You can write an eBook on anything. However, if the topic is not very interesting or it is not what people are interested in right now, then you are unlikely to get any money from your eBook. 

The easiest way to confirm if the topic you have in mind is a popular one is to check the bestseller lists on Amazon Kindle and similar online publishers such as Kobo and iTunes.

If books with content related to your topic are among the first on such lists, you should go ahead and send the topic to your writer. 

If not, I strongly advise you to change your topic to a subject that is more popular if your objective is to make money.

  • Hire a good editor and a good cover page creator

Writing the first draft is usually not very difficult. It is the editing that is often a headache. 

So when your writer is done with the first draft ask them to proofread it several times. And then after that hire someone else to further proofread and edit the work. 

Getting someone else with a fresh perspective to look at your eBook will help you to identify errors and correct them. 

Make sure the editor you choose also knows how to format eBooks for Amazon Kindle. This will make it easy for you to upload the book when it is complete. 

When the book is proofread and edited, get a good cover page creator to create the cover page for you.

With a good cover page, you will be able to attract more potential readers to check out your book. This is why you should not create the cover page yourself but hire a good creator to do it professionally for you.

  • Market your eBook everywhere and then write more eBooks

Once you have uploaded your book, it is time to market it. Market it everywhere you can and using every available means. 

Try Facebook advertising, Google Ads, email marketing, online influencer marketing, and so on. If you find that a marketing channel gives you more results, spend more money on it to acquire more customers. 

Proper and thorough marketing is what will make you a successful eBook marketer. 

And then when you start earning good money, make sure you write more eBooks. The more books you have available online the more books you should be able to sell and the more money you should be able to make. 

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