The Art of Discipline

We belong to a generation that prefers to live each day on its own terms. We despise regulations and want to live each moment to the utmost, without restriction.

While this may not appear to be a big deal, have you ever questioned why you didn’t get into the college of your dreams? Or get the job you’ve always wanted?

Have you ever considered why it is so tough for you to maintain your relationships?

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Have you ever wondered why your outcomes are never proportional to the amount of effort you put in?

The solution to the aforementioned questions could be a lack of discipline. Some of us, despite our greatest efforts, fail to accomplish our targets because we lack discipline.

Again, as I already stated, do not regard discipline as a negative aspect of your life.

Let me give you an example of how discipline is essential even for following your passions!

Assume you are a member of your school’s basketball team. In a month, you have an important tournament. Fortunately, all of your teammates are in great shape and incredibly talented.

Is this good enough to get you the trophy?


You must train for a particular number of hours every day. You will need to go over your routine multiple times. Even if you have the same approach for this game and have played your opponent multiple times to learn their style, you still need to practice.

Why are you putting forth so much effort?

To guarantee that your body is in good shape and that you are mentally prepared for the game!

Isn’t this a type of body and mental discipline?

All of you gather together and practice a lot because you want to win! You may all have distinct playing styles. However, in order to gain the greatest rewards, your styles must be aligned on the day of the game.

Discipline is what binds you together as a team. You will see how discipline/self-discipline would help you attain success after a while!

It’s a fantastic thing to have no regrets.

However, life without regard for the repercussions is harmful not only to you, but also to everyone around you.

Most of us are unaware of how our actions affect others. We fail to recognize the significance of what we have. This is one of the primary reasons why this generation excels at procrastination.

Instead of focusing on the task at hand, we would rather spend hours on Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram. You’ll be able to get away with this irresponsible behavior as long as the consequences aren’t too severe.

But why wait until things get out of hand before making changes?

You will undoubtedly be aware of your activities and habits if you are disciplined.

Now that I’ve spent a significant amount of time discussing discipline, let’s look at what it means.

So, what exactly is discipline?

Discipline is simply the discipline of being trained or conditioned to think or react in a specific way within a set of standards. Sounds tedious and intimidating, doesn’t it? So, let’s take a look at what self-discipline is all about.

You’ll probably learn that discipline isn’t about living your life according to someone else’s rules. It’s all about creating your own set of rules and living your life by them!

What exactly is self-discipline?

The ability to manage one’s ideas, actions, emotions, and behaviors is what self-discipline is all about. You will be able to manage your impulsive reactions if you practice self-discipline. You are consciously letting go of the need to be immediately fulfilled or irritated by your environment by developing self-discipline!

It takes willpower to keep your emotions in check and not react emotionally. In other words, self-discipline is all about taking charge of your life and obtaining the most rewards from it.

When I say you need discipline in your life, I don’t mean you should give up your happiness and live a dull existence! You can continue to have fun and do whatever you want as long as it does not harm your general well-being (ex: drug addiction).

In fact, you will discover that a little self-control can increase the quality of your relationships and help you maintain your happiness. As a result, it isn’t such a horrible thing after all.

Self-discipline is all about sharpening your attention, directing your efforts more effectively, and getting the most advantages from all of your endeavors!

Self-discipline is essential for achieving success in any endeavor. It enables you to hit the mark in the following ways:

Tolerance levels grow when you are disciplined. As a result, you end up persevering more. You will not be easily fazed by situations that force you out of your comfort zone. When your perseverance grows, you will continue to work toward your goal regardless of how many hurdles are thrown in your path.

Discipline automatically trains your mind to persevere in the face of failure. We are all aware that it is impossible to strike gold on the first try. You will almost surely enjoy the fruits of achievement if you are patient and consistent in your efforts. Self-discipline provides you with the necessary patience.

Discipline allows you to stay focused on your goal. When you are concentrated, you will be able to put up your best efforts. Discipline also assists you in dealing with distractions. You will not be readily distracted by your surroundings and will be able to focus on your goal.

Another crucial quality required for pursuing success is the capacity to keep a level head at all times. Discipline will assist you in accomplishing this! It is much easier to focus when your mind is not muddled by other spontaneous thoughts, emotions, or opinions.

These are some of the most important reasons why discipline/self-discipline is essential for success. The different advantages of self-discipline are described in the following chapter so that you may completely understand its significance.

Contrary to common misconception, incorporating discipline into your life is not an unpleasant experience. Everything is a matter of perception. You can dismiss discipline as a set of rules, only to come to regret it later. You can also look at it as a chance to connect your life with your goals, desires, and passions!

Again, don’t try to change your life all at once in the name of discipline.

Change your cognitive processes and routines gradually and observe how it goes. When necessary, make course modifications. Also, don’t try to adopt discipline into your life too quickly. Nothing good ever comes from doing things in a hurry.

To help you get started, I’ve included a separate chapter with advice on how to implement discipline into your life.

So, don’t get too worked up about disciplining your life just yet.

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Advantages of Self-dicipline