If anyone knows how to ‘do all the things’ you do!

You’ve been awarded the title ‘superhuman’ and wear it like a badge of honour… but the downside of being a person ‘who does it all’…. is that you’ve never once taken your foot off the accelerator or pushed the brake pedal to slow or stop.

You’re spinning sooo many plates right now and could do with a helping hand. But, ever the perfectionist, you’re reluctant to enlist the help of others for fear of somebody else dropping them – for fear of somebody else not being able to do as good a job as you can. 

Let me guess: you’re the type of person who places order with the Universe, and then keeps calling back, over and over again, to reorder the same thing (but in a different way) and map out all the ways in which she could create your reality?

Imagine if you took your car into a garage to be fixed, though. If there was only one mechanical engineer, and you (who have no qualifications in mechanical engineering) kept calling him up 24/7 to remind him of his duties and suggesting he try this part and that one. In not putting your faith in him… in trying to micromanage him, he wouldn’t be able to get on with the task at hand, would he? Your car would never get fixed!

If there’s a lesson to be learned by you about manifesting, it’s that you can’t control everything (and trying to do so might be what’s blocking you)

You have to trust that the Universe will bring you what you’ve asked for or something better, and that whatever you receive, whether it’s what you want or not, is what you need rn.