Steps to Create Online Courses

More and more people are increasingly turning to online courses for self-improvement. Enrolling for a program to improve one’s knowledge, financial status, skills or employability is the trendy thing to do right now.

The many people enrolled and wanting to enroll for online courses has created a massive market for online courses and online course creators. 

However, only a few people are making a lot of money from selling online courses. The reason why is that many people do not have enough confidence in themselves to create courses. 

You may be one of them. You might think that you are not educated enough or that you do not have enough knowledge to become an online course creator. 

However, you do not need a Ph.D. in anything to become an online course creator. Whatever knowledge you have, be it in cooking, marketing, art, language, personal development, freelance work, gardening, or technology, you can create a course to teach something about it.

To motivate you, below are three solid ways to make money online as a course creator:

  1. Sell your course on 

If your course is interesting enough, register on as an instructor and sell your course there. will promote your course for you. Millions of students visit the site every day and the chances of them discovering your course will be high if your course is on there. will, of course, take a cut from your earnings but selling your course on the site is definitely a good way to make money.

  • Charge people for certification 

After creating a course, you should ideally have a blog around it. The blog should include posts strictly related to the course’s main topic. 

Use the blog to offer the course for free. And ask for a good fee for certification. It may seem unwise to offer your course for free but you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of people who will pay for certification. 

  • Selling a product or a service within your course

One of the best ways to make money with a course is to sell a product or service within the course. 

So the best way to do this is to give the course away for free. This will ensure as many people as possible to enroll for your course. 

And then within the course, you can direct people to a product or service that you sell. For instance, if you are selling a cooking skills course, you can offer to sell a simple recipe book for your students.

If you are selling a course on how to make money with eBooks, you could include a link to your website or profile for cover page creation or eBook writing services. 

Doing this will earn you good money especially if your course goes viral. 


Many people fear making online courses because they think they are not knowledgeable enough. However, almost anyone can create an online course and make good money from it. Some of the ways to do so include selling the course on, by charging people for certification, and by selling a product or service within the course. By doing any of these things, you can make good money from creating courses.

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