All your life you’ve been more of a shepherd than a sheep. Someone who sets trends as opposed to following them, and who doesn’t conform to society’s standards.

When it comes to your ‘spiritual side’ though, you play your cards (and crystals!) pretty close to your chest. You keep ‘the work’ you’ve been doing to yourself… because you feel like your friends don’t or won’t get it.

You’re worried that they won’t take you seriously if you ask them to switch out drinks and dancing for reflecting and releasing on a full moon or a goals-with-soul setting session… and so you’ve been keeping your lips zipped (even though deep down you want everyone and their mother to hear about the latest book you’ve read, podcast you’ve listened to or Ted Talk you’ve watched online!).

You’re ready to dive DEEP into conversation, to talk about shit that MATTERS, but, instead, you’ve found yourself nodding along to surface stuff like who’s wearing what, and what this one’s said about that one.

The truth is, you aren’t showing up as yourself but a version of yourself that you think that they’ll like. So, on some level you feel like you’ve been living a lie, and are now oh-so READY to start speaking your truth.

In order to make the most of your manifesting magic, you’d do well to switch up your environment (and most importantly, the people in it) and make sure nothing and no one kills your vibe