Reasons Why Poor Discipline Will Destroy You

Here are some significant consequences of a lack of discipline to motivate you to practise self-discipline. You’ll be surprised at how much a lack of discipline can affect the quality of your life.

  1. On the road to self-destruction!

When we are not disciplined, we simply become victims of our own problems and bad habits. Addictions develop from bad habits, and they eventually consume our happiness, peace, and health. Nothing good ever comes from giving in to an addiction. Following that will be a list of things to be concerned about.

You will be remorseful for being an addict while also feeling miserable for not being able to resist your cravings. You will be sucked into a vortex of misery and depression, making each day a more difficult ordeal!

  1. Self-interest

It is difficult to appreciate what you have if you are not disciplined. You’ll end up wanting more and prioritising your own interests over those of others.’ Your efforts will primarily be directed toward achieving your own desires, with little regard for the welfare of others.

The fact that you are indulging in your addictions to find happiness, despite knowing how it will affect your friends and family, indicates that you value your own interests over those of others.’

This will not only harm your relationships with others, but it will also harm your career. Nobody enjoys working with someone who constantly prioritises his own interests over the interests of the team. As a result, it can have some unexpected consequences at work.

3. Absence of accountability

When you are not disciplined, you rarely consider the consequences of your actions or inaction. Furthermore, only someone who is capable of putting others’ interests ahead of his or her own will be able to take the initiative and assume responsibility. I’ve already mentioned how a lack of discipline leads to selfishness. This makes it even more difficult to accept responsibility, both at work and in your personal life.

When you consistently avoid accepting responsibility for your actions, the following consequences occur:

You will not be respected by your colleagues or superiors. After all, when working as a team, responsibility and accountability are critical. People will no longer care about passing the baton to you if you are constantly attempting to do so. As a result, your chances of getting a promotion will undoubtedly suffer as a result of this attitude.

When you do not take responsibility for the various tasks at home or for your actions, it will increase the frustration levels of your friends and family members. Even your loved ones will not be willing to cut you some slack indefinitely and take on the extra work. As a result, it is critical that you do not jeopardise your existing relationships by ignoring your responsibilities on a regular basis.

You are agitated!

Controlling your emotions and thoughts becomes much more difficult when your mind lacks discipline. When confronted with adversity, you will become agitated and lose sight of the solution. Your mind will be clouded by impulsive thoughts, which will make it difficult to make decisions.

Similarly, when you become addicted to your desires, it becomes difficult to break free without first disciplining your mind. You may make an attempt to break free from the addiction, only to fail quickly. We’ve already seen how addictions can devastate our happiness. In addition, losing the trust of our loved ones can be very discouraging. All of this will undoubtedly add to your dissatisfaction and agitation.

You will be constantly chastised!

Of course, no matter how sincere and disciplined you are, there will be those who will criticise you. When I say you’ll be subjected to constant criticism, I’m not referring to that group. Your coworkers, managers, and even your own family will criticise you for the following reasons:

When you lack discipline, your efforts will not be directed solely toward productive goals. For example, you might end up wasting time and money on your addictions that could have been spent on something more productive. This could have an impact on both your professional and personal relationships.

When your mind lacks discipline, you will always act impulsively. However, this may not be the best way to deal with the majority of the problems at hand.

We’ve already seen how self-interest is a byproduct of a lack of discipline. When you are constantly putting your interests ahead of those of others, it indicates that you are not a team player or that you are not invested in the family’s interests.

When you lack discipline, you will frequently defy authority and refuse to accept responsibility. Individuals who have a problem with the rules but do nothing to change the status quo are difficult to deal with.

Lack of self-esteem and confidence

When you realise that your efforts aren’t yielding results, you’ll become dissatisfied. You will begin to doubt your ability to complete the task at hand. Your self-esteem and confidence will gradually deteriorate. You will be unmotivated to do anything with zeal. Refusing to put forth your best efforts will only lead to more failures. As a result, it’s a never-ending cycle of disappointment.

Furthermore, when you are constantly criticised, you begin to lose faith in your abilities. You will also be constantly dissatisfied with your inability to overcome bad habits and addictions. This has a significant impact on your morale


Failures on a regular basis can severely dampen your optimism. You eventually become cynical and see everything in a negative light. You eventually develop a pessimistic outlook. As a result, you will generalise your misfortunes rather than concentrating on solving the problem at hand. You will ignore the obvious solutions that are right in front of you. You’d rather waste your energy and time complaining about your problems than actually solving them.

Your pessimistic attitude will also have a negative impact on your professional development. Managers enjoy rewarding people who provide solutions. If you have a pessimistic mindset, you will not look for solutions in any situation. You will not be motivated to work harder if you do not receive adequate gratification at work. On a more personal level, your family and friends will avoid discussing any problems with you because you have nothing to offer other than your pessimism. This will also have a negative impact on your mental health and happiness.

ill health

When you lack discipline, your health, both physical and mental, suffers greatly. When you lack discipline, it simply means you don’t respect your body and mind! You’re not going to pay attention to what you eat! You will not put forth the time and effort to participate in fitness activities.

It is extremely difficult for you to break your bad habits. This has a direct impact on your physical well-being. The more you become addicted to something, the lower the quality of your health begins to deteriorate.

On the other hand, you are frequently agitated and stressed. You have difficulty sleeping peacefully as a result of your stress. You may experience anxiety attacks as a result. When you lack discipline, your mental health suffers as a result.

Inadequate Productivity

You will rarely have respect for anything, including time, if you are not disciplined. You won’t think twice about wasting your time on something ineffective. You will be content to be a prisoner of procrastination.

If you continue to procrastinate, you will find that you have much less time to focus on the deliverables at hand. You end up doing a poor job because you try to finish everything at the last minute.

When you meet all of your deliverables at the last minute and in a rush, the quality of your work suffers greatly. Most of your deliverables may need to be reworked to ensure that they are error-free and meaningful. This is nothing more than being ineffective. It has an effect on your professional development when you are not productive.

When procrastination spreads to other areas of your life, it has a negative impact on your overall happiness.

For example, if you put off making plans to meet a friend forever, you may lose that friendship. When you postpone important decisions, you may end up jeopardising the happiness of your family and friends. This will undoubtedly have an effect on the quality of your relationships with others. Similarly, if you put off following a particular diet all of the time, you may end up compromising the quality of your health as well.

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