Make good money with Uber

Uber has completely disrupted the taxi business!

Many people no longer call taxi companies or wait for them by the sidewalk. They simply whip out their smartphones and summon the nearest Uber.

The smartphone app has reduced the amount of wait time and reduced the cost of transport for many people across the world. 

As things are going, it is expected that Uber and other apps like it will soon be the only ways through which people move around. This means there is a lot of opportunities for drivers using these apps to make a lot of money now and in the near future.

Below is how to make good money with Uber

  1. Get a good car

This is the most basic thing you need to do to make good money as an Uber driver. If your car is old, you probably won’t even be accepted as an Uber driver.

Moreover, there are different kinds of Uber rides that clients can select based on the quality and make of the car. Clients pay more to use better quality Uber rides.

So you should make sure your car is new or high quality to earn more money as a driver. 

  • Position yourself in locations that pay more

The amount of money you will make every month with Uber will depend largely on your location. 

Locations with more Uber rides pay less because of high competition. So you should drive around locations with fewer drivers and less competition. Uber will pay you more for rides you provide from such locations.

Of course, on the weekends, you can still maximize your income by picking up people from around bars where the competition is high. 

By strategically positioning yourself in low competition locations for maximum income and then topping up your income by going to high competition locations on weekends, you can get a lot of money every week from Uber.

  • Keep your expenses low

 Your earnings may be high but if your expenses are also high, your profits will be pretty low. 

This is why you should aim to keep all your expenses low. For instance, if you can move closer to the low competition location where you usually pick up passengers please do so to keep your gas expenses low.

Moreover, if you can avoid offering rides at peak traffic hours, please do so. This will also keep your gas expenses low.

Gas is one of the biggest expenses for Uber driver and keeping it low can help you to significantly reduce your overall expenses. 

Other hidden expenses you should find ways to keep low include parking fees, taxes, car detailing, and insurance. 


Uber has revolutionized the taxi business. More and more people are preferring Uber to traditional taxis. This means the market for Uber drivers is increasing and that there are more opportunities for them to make money. 

To make good money with Uber, you should get a good car, position yourself in locations that pay more, and keep your expenses low. If you do so, you will certainly earn more than the average Uber driver.

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