How to make money dropshipping with very little starting capital

Drop shipping is simply the setting up and running of an e-commerce site without any stock.

It is that simple. Or, at least, some people think it is. 

Below, I will tell you how to make money drop shipping products for clients from anywhere in the world. 

I will also tell you how to maximize your income and make even more money from your drop shipping business. 

  1. Find a good sub-niche 

You can definitely start an e-commerce site like Amazon or a niche-specific site if you have enough money. However, it is usually unnecessary and unwise.

Many people are unlikely to prefer your site to Amazon and it requires a lot of time and money to start and run such sites. 

The best thing to do as a drop shipping beginner is to find a good sub-niche and to focus on it. Sub-niches are segments of larger markets.

For example, the larger market could be the lights and lighting market and the sub-niche could be the headlamp flashlights segment.

Finding a good sub-niche is important because it allows you to position yourself as the go-to site for whatever you are selling.

Sub-niche e-commerce sites are also easier and cheaper to start and manage.

  • Find a supplier

 As I said before, as a drop shipper you do not need to concern yourself with manufacturing and stocking whatever you are selling. 

You simply have to find a supplier to do it for you.

Once you receive an order on your website, your work is to forward it to the supplier and they will package and send it to your customer. 

You will get a cut for your part in the trade.

Because of the important role suppliers play in the e-commerce business, it is crucial to find a good, cheap, and reliable supplier. 

Most drop shippers get such suppliers on sites such as and 

  • Build a website and optimize it

Once you find a supplier who is willing to drop ship products for you, you should find somebody to build you a good e-commerce site.

I prefer’s platform because it is easy to use, has many tools for performance analysis, and can be scaled easily. 

Once your site is built, add articles specific to your sub-niche to optimize it so as to get good traffic from search engines.

  • Start marketing 

Once your e-commerce site is up and running, you should start marketing it far and wide. You should any platform available to you to do the marketing. 

You should not be afraid to pay money to influencers to market your stuff. Advertising with influencers usually increases conversion rates especially if you identify the right influencer whose following is highly interested in articles and products related to your website’s sub-niche.

  • Scale to make more money

Once you start making sales and your traffic increases, you can scale to make more money. 

By scaling I mean identifying more products related to your niche and selling them on your site. This will bring you more money. 

You can also scale by coming up with a new marketing plan. You can hire a marketing consultant to do this for you and to implement it for you.By following the steps above you should be able to start a good drop shipping business and to make good money from it. 

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