Okay, so you’ve got the visualisation part down to a T.

You’ve got vision boards for days, are a PRO at Pinterest and can see, with your mind’s eye, EXACTLY where you want to be five years from now – which is really, really great.

You’re also super spiritual and LOOOVE surrendering to the Universe… but I wonder: could you be giving your power away just a teensy bit too much?

Do you need to take the wheel just that little bit more?

You see, there are times and places for letting go and taking control… and when it comes to manifesting, you have to be a girl who can do both.

On the one hand, you need to trust that Universe is doing its job. But on the other, you need to take some responsibility and make sure that you’re doing yours. 

You see, the way I think of manifestation is like this: you wouldn’t meet your soulmate if you never left the house, would you? Well, unless he was the postman of course. You’d have to put yourself out there and kiss a few frogs, AS WELL as writing your ‘love list’.

Whilst you can see crystal clearly what your manifestations look like in your mind, in order to see what they feel like in your hands you have to roll those sleeves up and put some plans in place.