Discipline Outperforms Motivation

Finally, it is critical that you understand why discipline is more important than motivation. Simply put, being disciplined has a greater impact on your life than being motivated.

Let us look at some of the key reasons why discipline is preferable to motivation.


Being disciplined is a mental state. As a result, it exists for a longer period of time. Motivation, on the other hand, is more of a thought that is often based on the situation. You might be motivated to complete a task today. That doesn’t mean you’ll be motivated to do the same thing the next day.

Motivation does not exist in a consistent fashion at all times. You may be highly motivated right now, but you may not be motivated the rest of the day.

However, mind discipline is a continuous process that does not vary greatly. For example, if you are committed to going to the gym for an hour every day, you will do it no matter what!


Discipline is more stable and capable of assisting you in changing your lifestyle over time. It will assist you in making small changes in your life while rewarding you in the process. Your motivation levels, on the other hand, can be compared to the effects of a drug.

At the start of the day, you are extremely motivated. As the hours pass, your motivation levels fluctuate dramatically. Some of us require external stimuli to be motivated at times. However, once your mind has been disciplined, it does not need to be probed any further.


Motivation has a short duration of effect. You would appreciate motivation’s impact only for the time being, while it is still present. For instance, you may be unmotivated to go to work. You will then seek external stimuli to motivate you to get out of bed and prepare for work. The effects of motivation are no longer felt or appreciated once you arrive at work.

As I previously stated, the benefits of self-discipline can change your life and can be felt in the long run. As a result, self-discipline has a greater impact than motivation.

In other words, self-discipline is more effective than motivation in assisting you to improve your lifestyle.

Energy Requirements

When it comes to motivation, we sometimes need external stimuli to get started. As a result, a significant portion of our efforts will be directed toward motivating ourselves. Once motivated, the remainder of your energy will be directed toward completing the task. When you rely on motivation to get started on your work, you feel hampered and unproductive in the absence of an external stimulus. This has an effect on both the quality and productivity of your work.

Self-discipline, on the other hand, trains your mind and body to function in a specific way. For example, you could train your mind to perform a series of tasks as soon as you wake up. When this discipline exists, there is no need for motivation to complete these tasks. You will naturally devote your energy and effort to completing these tasks.

To put it another way, being motivated requires far more energy than being disciplined.

Increasing Consistency

Motivation, as previously stated, is a fleeting emotion. When you rely on motivation to start your work, there will be times when you won’t work because you don’t feel like it. You will not be mentally prepared to engage in any activity if there are no motivating factors.

If you are forced to work on something despite your lack of motivation, the quality of your work will suffer greatly. You will be unable to apply your efforts consistently.

On the other hand, if you are self-disciplined, you will be able to concentrate on your work regardless of your mental state.

Regardless of how motivated you are to work, your efforts will be channelled in a consistent manner. Thus, being disciplined aids in ensuring that your productivity levels do not suffer and that the quality of your work does not suffer. To put it another way, you will be entirely reliant on your mind, or rather, your discipline, to guide you and will not be able to rely on any external stimuli to keep you focused on work.

Because of the consistency factor, you must first be disciplined before looking for motivation. There may be times in life when you are not motivated, no matter how hard you try, but you must still do your best.

If your mind is already disciplined to act, you will be able to handle the situation calmly and composedly, without having to worry about motivational factors.

Long-Term Sustainability

You will be able to keep your self-control for a longer period of time. In fact, once you discipline your body and mind to behave in a certain way, you will be able to maintain that state of mind unless you decide to change it. Your self-discipline will also assist you in maintaining your energy levels, as your efforts will be more channelled and efficient. As a result, self-discipline is more of a self-sustaining system.

Motivation, on the other hand, is a transient phenomenon. To stay motivated at all times, you will have to expend a lot of energy and rely on a variety of other factors. As a result, motivation becomes more difficult to maintain over time.

These are just a few of the many reasons why self-discipline outperforms motivation!

When you are disciplined, you become self-sufficient.

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