Beginner’s Guide To Guest Blogging

Online writing is perhaps the easiest way to make money. It is easy because all one needs to do is to register on a freelance platform and then to start writing. 

The quality of work one produces may be poor but it is likely to still be accepted by many clients. 

However, the pay is usually low for online writers who work for freelance companies. This is because most freelance platforms have many online writers resulting in high competition for jobs. The high competition, in turn, results in some freelancers offering writing services for cheap to be hired hence the low average pay.

In contrast, guest blogging, despite also being a form of online writing, has fewer freelancers and hence higher pay. 

There are fewer freelancers because most blogs that pay for guest posts have high editorial standards and are, therefore, a high likelihood of rejecting articles. 

What you should note here is the high pay. In this post, I am going to show you how exactly you can earn the high pay:

  1. Enroll for an article writing course

As mentioned, a few moments ago, the sites that pay for guest blogs have high editorial standards. Therefore, for your articles to be accepted, they must be of high quality.

Enrolling for an article writing course will prepare you adequately to meet the standards set by such blogs. 

Regardless of how good you are, it is best to enroll for such courses to take your writing from good to excellent. 

There are many free and paid online article writing courses that can choose from. 

  • Focus on a subject area and then find blogs that will accept your work

There are dozens of blog sites out there that pay good money for articles. 

Before you even start writing your first guest blog, you should find a subject area to focus on. This will help you in two ways.

First, it will allow you to narrow down the blogs to write for. 

Second, it will position you as an expert in the subject area since frequent readers will be familiar with your name and will associate it with the subject. 

Once you have chosen the subject area to focus on, the next part is to narrow down the blogs to write for. 

A quick search Google will reveal to you the blogs in the subject area. Once you find the blogs, narrow down the list to only those that pay.

  • Guest post frequently 

Once you find blogs that pay, check their guest blogging terms and conditions, and then start writing. 

It is important to check the terms to make sure you meet the requirements. Otherwise, you will be wasting time. 

If you meet the conditions, start writing. Write as many blog posts as you can per week and submit to the various blogs. 

The likelihood of your blog posts getting accepted and you getting paid good money is high because you will be an excellent article writer thanks to step 1 above.

Whichever blog accepts your articles, write more articles for them and if they accept them, contact them and ask for a permanent contributor position. This could guarantee you good income every month. This is how you make money guest blogging.

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