A beginner’s guide to blogging

There are bloggers who make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from writing about what they love. 

You too can achieve such success if you put your mind to it. The problem is that there are many online articles out there that make it seem so easy to become a successful blogger. 

This has led to many beginner bloggers only doing the bare minimum and expecting massive success. Needless to say but many of them often end up with very little success or none. 

To become a successful blogger, you need discipline and patience. The discipline to correctly build your following and to consistently post good content and the patience to wait for results. 

Below is how you can start blogging from scratch and inch your way to massive success. 

  1. Identify your niche 

The best way to blog is to focus on a particular subject area. It could be gardening, recreational vehicles, traveling, fashion or any other area. The more specific you are, the better.

Identifying a niche or sub-nichewill make you appear as an expert on that particular subject matter.

This is because all your blog posts will be on that one topic and interested readers will come to rely on you as their go-to website for important information or tips.

  • Develop a good website 

As a blogger, you will need somewhere to share your blogs. In other words, you need a website. 

A poor and difficult to use website is not going to get you many subscribers no matter how good your writings and ideas are. 

On the other hand, a good website is going to attract readers and help you build a good following even with half-decent content. So developing a good website is key.

To know how good websites should look like, check out the kind of sites top bloggers have and ask your developer to make you a similar one.

  • Hire an article writer or become a good one yourself

Nowadays, many bloggers do not write their own content. They hire freelancers to write their blog posts for them. 

You could do this. The main advantage of doing this is that it saves you time. You do not have to spend a lot of time researching and writing.

It will also save you money as most freelance writers often charge very little. 

Alternatively, you could write your own content. However, to make sure the blog posts you produce are well-written, you may need to take an online writing course. 

  • Optimize and monetize

For your blog posts to appear as top search engine results, you will need to optimize them. 

Optimizing i.e. search engine optimization (SEO) is all about making your blog posts and your website, in general, to appeal to Google and other search engines.

Some of the ways to do this include adding images and other media to your blog posts, including keywords and phrases in your posts, and making your website easier to browse.

A properly optimized website with good content will automatically get plenty of traffic. 

When you start getting good traffic, you should monetize your site. You can do this by writing an eBook and selling it on your website, including affiliate links in your articles to promote other peoples products for a commission, and adding Google Ads to get money from Google.


To become a successful blogger is not easy but it can be done. To start, find a niche, build a website, hire a writer or become a good one yourself, and then optimize and monetize.Also, remember to be disciplined and patient and you will soon be smiling all the way to the bank.

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